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Lisa Yang Cashmere


The creations of Lisa Yang skillfully balance between the classical lines of China and the captivating minimalism of Scandinavian designs. This masterful fusion of East and North creates a unique synergy that captures both the timeless sophistication of Chinese influences and the intriguing simplicity of Scandinavian aesthetics.


The exclusive cashmere collection by Lisa Yang stands out not only for its outstanding premium quality but also proudly bears the esteemed GOTS certification. These top-notch pieces offer you an unparalleled wearing experience while simultaneously embodying our commitment to sustainable practices.

Care: Cashmere

In the care of cashmere, gentle hand washing and delicate flat drying are essential to preserve the quality. Avoid friction and direct sunlight to ensure that your cashmere maintains its beauty for a long time. This way, we can guarantee you a consistently unparalleled wearing experience.