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Soeur Paris

Parisian Flair

Soeur is a renowned French fashion brand that was founded in 2008 by the two sisters Domitille and Angélique Briondie. The brand is known for its timeless elegance and understated refinement. With roots in Paris, the brand embodies the authentic Parisian way of life and reflects the romantic atmosphere of the City of Love in its entire collection.


Soeur is worn by women of various ages who have a sense of simple yet elegant fashion. The brand appeals to women who eschew embellishments and loud patterns, instead valuing high-quality materials, refined cuts, and a restrained color palette. Soeur clothing is designed for women who prefer a timeless style and find themselves in classic elegance.


Soeur places a strong emphasis on sustainability and quality. The brand manufactures its clothing in Europe using top-notch materials and is distinguished by outstanding craftsmanship. Classic elements are skillfully combined with contemporary flair to create coveted accessories and clothing that endure not only in the present but also in the future. These pieces have even gained collector's value, and rightfully so.