Dog Collar


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Art.Nr. 2000048850498

Hundehalsband von Nata'Chien, designed in Antwerpen, gefertigt in Afrika; jedes einzelne Halsband ist einzigartig.  

These dog collars are designed in Antwerp, made in Africa, and every piece is unique! They are measured from the middle hole of the belt to the buckle.


Small: 13 inch 33.02 cm (2 cm wide) for jack russel, standard daschund, beagle, etc.
Medium 1: 16 inch 40.64 cm (2cm wide) for cocker, springer, border collie etc.
Medium 2: 16 inch 40.64 cm (3cm wide) 
Large: 19 inch 48.26 cm (3cm wide) for labrador, english bulldog, basset, german sheppard etc.